Thursday, 22 July 2010

WI day

I missed my WI day yesterday because i needed to go to the doctors, so anyway from yesterday have now been signed off work for two weeks and have been prescribed some medication. Bad thing is I read through the advice leaflet and one of the side effects is weight loss/weight gain. I'm gutted about this and am hoping for the former but I suppose in some ways it will justy give me more incentive to do exercise etc and not sit on my bum and eat more galaxy ripples, although i think that would be nice! Anywho i'm rambling.

Got weighed today and have lost another two pounds which takes current weight to 14.6 and a half. So have reached the two stone marker and to be precise have lost a grand total of 29lbs. Very very very impressed at this never for the life of me would of thought that I would never have lost that amount. So 29lbs down 69lbs to go!

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