Tuesday, 13 July 2010

First One!!

Hi, my name is Louise and I decided to do this because I needed something to document my path from fat to fit! and I suppose a bit of a sounding board aswell!!

So anyways, I joined Weight Watchers in April 2010 after trying most of the diets under the sun, Slim fast ok for a week then get fed up, slimming world- dont tell me I can eat all the potatoes and pasta I want because I will (like proper huge bowl fulls at a time! I'm not very good at moderation). Atkins = Bad Breath, South Beach = Bad skin, Rosemary Connelly to much gymming, and basically starvation living on black coffee and cigarettes! Some of which worked but only gave short term results.

So anyway went back to weight watchers and to date have lost 23lbs in dribs and drabs over 12weeks.

So now my plan is to blog the highs and lows of this diet and see how it goes! I will put up a before picture and its the one which spurred me into action this time!!

So anyways bye for now


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