Monday, 26 July 2010

Jillian Michaels is EVIL!!!!!!!!

well i posted a bit ago about the 30 day shred which is taking the WW world by storm.................. well at least the 5+ boards! Well i am now on day 12 of the shred and can barely move, but have been following it religiously like a sheep i suppose and there are some benefits my tummy feels a bit more toned so I suppose that has to be a good thing, just have to see if it makes a diference on the scales come wednesday! So anyway I have been trying to drink more water as the plan advises (apparently vino doesn't count as fluids according to my OH) so have been trying to drink at least 2 litres a day and all i've noticed is that I have to run to the loo more................. pleasant I know!!!!

So as i've been trying to shrink and the galaxy ripples have been banished from the fridge (this seems to be a theme in all my posts at the min) i've been smoking more it seems to be the less I try to eat the more i'm tending to smoke, feels in a way that i'm undoing all the good work that i'm trying to achieve but hey ho one step at a time and i'm not ready to surrender my membership to the back door posse at our local yet! One step at a time so here's the plan.

1. Lose weight
2. Quit Smoking
3. World domination.

think thats achievable

Thursday, 22 July 2010

WI day

I missed my WI day yesterday because i needed to go to the doctors, so anyway from yesterday have now been signed off work for two weeks and have been prescribed some medication. Bad thing is I read through the advice leaflet and one of the side effects is weight loss/weight gain. I'm gutted about this and am hoping for the former but I suppose in some ways it will justy give me more incentive to do exercise etc and not sit on my bum and eat more galaxy ripples, although i think that would be nice! Anywho i'm rambling.

Got weighed today and have lost another two pounds which takes current weight to 14.6 and a half. So have reached the two stone marker and to be precise have lost a grand total of 29lbs. Very very very impressed at this never for the life of me would of thought that I would never have lost that amount. So 29lbs down 69lbs to go!

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Ok, so alot of people have been talking about Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, so I thoiught "Go on then i'll give it a try!" I feel like i'm dying now! I thought I had pretty good fitness go to the gym twice a week and do a weekly thighs bums and tums but oh my god my legs are burning! suppose will do it again tomorrow have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

On a more positive note i got my 10% at meetings and smashed the personal best with a 4lb loss was well impressed!

However have kind of ruined it by eating two galaxy ripples this evening but nevermind they were damn good! and if i ground down hopefully I can meet my target of 1lb this week and will hopefully get to the 2st loss, now that would be amazing and would definately warrant another pic posting!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I hate this pic it's on my fridge at home so I don't give in to temptation!!! I was at my heaviest here at 16st 7.5lbs. On holiday in China visiting my brother

First One!!

Hi, my name is Louise and I decided to do this because I needed something to document my path from fat to fit! and I suppose a bit of a sounding board aswell!!

So anyways, I joined Weight Watchers in April 2010 after trying most of the diets under the sun, Slim fast ok for a week then get fed up, slimming world- dont tell me I can eat all the potatoes and pasta I want because I will (like proper huge bowl fulls at a time! I'm not very good at moderation). Atkins = Bad Breath, South Beach = Bad skin, Rosemary Connelly to much gymming, and basically starvation living on black coffee and cigarettes! Some of which worked but only gave short term results.

So anyway went back to weight watchers and to date have lost 23lbs in dribs and drabs over 12weeks.

So now my plan is to blog the highs and lows of this diet and see how it goes! I will put up a before picture and its the one which spurred me into action this time!!

So anyways bye for now